Sunday, March 09, 2008

Abundance is for Everyone

Abundance is for everyone, not just the limited few that life appears to have smiled on. We are surrounded by abundance. Nature is lavish, even wasteful in its abundance. Anyone caring to look will find an abundance of love, joy, money, and health is readily available to everyone willing to accept them. If there is any lack in our lives it's not because there is not enough, but rather, because we are limiting our intake. What we receive in life is controlled by the limits we place on our emotions, behaviors, thoughts and actions. There are many factors involved in why it is so hard for us to open the valve controlling the flow of abundance in our lives. By the time we become aware of the fact that we create our own limits, the beliefs and habits we've developed that produce these limits are so ingrained they are very difficult to change. Society also has its role to play. Since most of the world's governments have become capitalistic societies, it's in their best interest to promote conditions and belief systems that produce large numbers of have-nots. Simple economics tells us that in order for capitalism to thrive, there must be a large supply meeting a large demand and you must have people who are in debt to create a large enough demand to consume that large supply. The simple reality is that the governments of the world make their money from our poor health, debt, and our struggle to "just get by." Their abundance is dependant on our lack. But this does not mean we have to accept these limits. While it's true that most people will never take advantage of it, information about attracting wealth and prosperity is freely available to anyone caring to look. And the law of attraction says that the more you look, the more information you will attract. What fills your life is what you focus on. Learning to create abundance in your life is about much more than simply creating material wealth, it is about enriching your Self as a whole. When you begin to understand the principles and laws that govern Abundance, you begin to understand that you are not constrained by the conditions of the economy or the amount of your present income. Your ability to increase your wealth, live in abundance, and have financial freedom is all based on your understanding of the universal laws that govern the flow of energy controlling your ability to turn potential into reality. Yet there is more to creating abundance than simply placing an order and then sitting back to wait for its delivery. You have to be giving something of value, adding to the flow, in order to make this work. When this is the case people are more than willing to pay for your contribution. Wealth, money, success, love, and health are all forms of energy. Being part of the flow means that you are a participating member. Once you understand how to operate in the flow of that energy, you learn to work with the Source of energy and actively create your reality instead of simply letting random thoughts create a chaotic existence for you. Abundance is about living a healthy, vibrant life with a purpose and experiencing the joy that comes from possessing a strong sense of Self.

I whole-heartedly recommend Carol Look's Attracting Abundance with EFT package to clear all the blocks you have that keep you from attracting whatever you want. Read about it here:
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Another great place to learn all you can about using and teaching the Law of Attraction here:
Law of Attraction Training Center


Tomas Karkalas said...

Thank you for the wonderful article. The statement "What fills your life is what you focus on." perfectly explains our being and similarly points the way out of current ruckus to peace of mind. That's precisely why I want to put your words on all my blogs and hope for that thought provoking quote will help many. Thank you.
I would like to invite you to the blog of the art therapy club Modus Vivendi and to exchange the links as the application of theory to practice.
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Thanks once again.

Dr.Rutledge said...

I think your blog is terrific, and I would like to feature you on Wellsphere ( Would you drop me an email?
Good health!
Geoffrey W. Rutledge, MD, PhD