Saturday, April 30, 2005

The basics

We are made to be healthy. It is the "default setting" in each human being, believe it or not. Then why do so many people have problems with their health? Mainly because of
- poor nutrition
- lack of exercise
- exposure to harmful environmental conditions
Can we do something about them? Yes, we can!
Do we want to help ourselves? Unfortunately, not all of us. Sounds incredible, doesn't it. I have found that many people when it comes to changing habits in order to get healthier do one of the following:
- say "one has to die of something anyway"
- go to the drug store and buys a pill, because that is an easy solution
- go from doctor to doctor and discuss their experience with their friends (some people quite enjoy these discussions, I sometimes feel that if they suddenly stopped having health problems they would have nothing to talk about)
... and I could go on.
Fortunately, I know other types of folks who really do care about their health and think about prevention, as well.
I'm starting this blog to collect the best tips about maintaining good health and recovering from different ailments naturally, without drugs.