Saturday, October 29, 2005

The FDA Is Killing People By Not Letting You Tell Them The Truth!

The Food and Drug Administration prohibits food and dietary supplement companies from telling consumers how nutrients in their products can prevent or treat diseases.


No person or entity that sells nutrients can lawfully tell you the therapeutic effects of those products unless FDA approves each statement. To tell you one sentence of truth about how a nutrient affects a disease, a company must spend tens of thousands of dollars and wait for a year (Most often 3 years) or more until FDA approves it (and FDA approves precious few). Not many companies can afford those rates or those odds. The effect is a mass suppression of health information in MLM and in the media. For example, it is illegal for those who sell prune juice to tell consumers that their products relieve chronic constipation yet who on earth would question the truth of that statement? A company that did tell you that truthful use... could have its product enjoined from sale and seized... then it's corporate officers prosecuted (and yes in some cases the FDA has attacked MLM Distributors) with potential prison terms in Federal Court!

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