Friday, October 20, 2006

Turn Ordinary Water into 'Xtreme Body Fuel'!

In my last post I mentioned purified water. Purified water has the advantage of removing dangerous nitrates - often leaching into the water table from fertilizers from farming and our lawns,
organic solvents and chemicals that are usually carcinogenic - including MTBE found in gasoline that also often leaks into the water table, and heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury, and others that you definitely do not want in your body!).

The trouble is that all the healthy minerals are also removed in the process of purification. In time, drinking purified water without the minerals added,forces the minerals inside your cells to come out which then depletes all of the cells of their needed minerals. The bottom line is, you have no pollutants with purified water, but your cells are losing their minerals.

I recently came across an amazing product named Xooma X2O. By adding Xooma to purified water, you get the best of both worlds: highly absorbable essential minerals without the additional pollutants that the purification has removed. So what is X2O?

X20 is derived from pre-ionized Coral Calcium which when added to the water of your choice will lower the surface tension (make the water "wetter"), add needed essential minerals in a highly absorbable form that is often missing from our diets, and finally changes the pH of the water from about 7.0 to about 9.9.

X2O comes in the form of a sachet (tea bag) that is simply added to regular water or any non-carbonated beverage. I find it really amazing.

To find out more, simply take your free, no obligation tour here: X2O Tour

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