Thursday, October 12, 2006

Drink Water!

A variety of symptoms can be traced to a lack of water intake. Most people showing these symptoms (constipation, dry and itchy skin, acne, nose bleeds, repeated urinary tract infections, dry and unproductive coughs, constant sneezing, sinus pressure and headaches .. just to name a few) are drinking plenty of fluids: coffee, soda, tea and juice. But none are drinking enough water.

Water is required by every cell in the body as nourishment and to remove wastes. When there is not enough water in the body, it tries to limit the amount it loses through breathing, mucous production, urination, perspiration and bowel movements.

Water is needed for breathing because the lungs require humid air to do their work. The body has to moisturize the air before it reaches the lungs and does so through the mucous membranes lining the nasal passages and the bronchi. If there is less fluid available, the mucous lining becomes drier. This in turn irritates the lungs, causing them to become more reactive to irritants, and less resistant to viruses and bacteria. Then comes dry cough and bronchitis.

It is estimated that 3-4 cups of water are lost through breathing every day, and you can add 2-3 more cups in the winter time when air is drier, and the heating systems decrease humidity even more.

Water is also required to remove various toxins from the body through urination. It is a common misunderstanding that the more water we drink, the harder it is on the kidneys. Lack of water also causes constipation. The increase in body toxin levels can cause headaches and fatigue. The attempt by the body to remove excess levels of unwanted chemicals through the skin can cause acne and will aggravate eczema.

The easiest solution is to drink more water. Herbal teas and diluted fruit juices (1/3 fruit juice to 2/3 water) can be substituted for some of the water, but you can't avoid plain water, so you'd better get used to it.

What type of water is best to drink? My first choice would be pure filtered water. Then bottled mineral or spring water. Maybe distilled water once in a while, and I'd avoid tap water alltogether.

Take care of your body and drink water!


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